chronicles of the injury prone

Under the bandage is a bruised and scraped up ankle. sigh

Just as my twisted left ankle was starting to feel better, I fell victim to another random injury. This time, at least I have a good story to go along with my banged up ankle. 

Let me set the scene: after resting my left foot to the point where I felt steady enough to walk to the water, I decided to bring my little guy on a canoe ride around the Bay. Using my super strength, I coaxed the large, fiberglass canoe from the boathouse into the water, held it steady while my kiddo boarded and gingerly climbed in. We have a double-ended paddle that makes solo paddling a breeze. So, we were off, keeping to the shallower parts of the Bay – it was getting fairly windy and it’s been a while since I was in control of a canoe; it would have been bad for my credibility if I’d capsized with my little guy on board.

Trevor and Brendan swam out to the raft do I dropped off Nathan to jump into the deeper water with them. I also felt like swimming so I decided to return the canoe to shore. All was going well; I managed to align myself close to our stairs (without crashing into them!) and started to climb out while firmly keeping hold of the canoe. Just as I was dipping my foot into the water, a wave hit the canoe, knocking me off balance and forcing my foot against a couple of rocks. 

My ankle turned purple almost immediately but it wasn’t until I was out of the water and trying to walk that the real pain set it. 

I think this is the universe telling me to sit down and relax. I guess I have no choice! 

they have found the perfect spot to lay out and relax after a morning of swimming

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