chronicles of the injury prone

Under the bandage is a bruised and scraped up ankle. sigh

Just as my twisted left ankle was starting to feel better, I fell victim to another random injury. This time, at least I have a good story to go along with my banged up ankle. 

Let me set the scene: after resting my left foot to the point where I felt steady enough to walk to the water, I decided to bring my little guy on a canoe ride around the Bay. Using my super strength, I coaxed the large, fiberglass canoe from the boathouse into the water, held it steady while my kiddo boarded and gingerly climbed in. We have a double-ended paddle that makes solo paddling a breeze. So, we were off, keeping to the shallower parts of the Bay – it was getting fairly windy and it’s been a while since I was in control of a canoe; it would have been bad for my credibility if I’d capsized with my little guy on board.

Trevor and Brendan swam out to the raft do I dropped off Nathan to jump into the deeper water with them. I also felt like swimming so I decided to return the canoe to shore. All was going well; I managed to align myself close to our stairs (without crashing into them!) and started to climb out while firmly keeping hold of the canoe. Just as I was dipping my foot into the water, a wave hit the canoe, knocking me off balance and forcing my foot against a couple of rocks. 

My ankle turned purple almost immediately but it wasn’t until I was out of the water and trying to walk that the real pain set it. 

I think this is the universe telling me to sit down and relax. I guess I have no choice! 

they have found the perfect spot to lay out and relax after a morning of swimming

cottage life. the August edition

The sun shines down and heats my freckled arms and legs, the water glistens, and in the distance I can hear the water gently lapping against the rocks while my kids play (and bicker) at the beach. I would be there with them but I twisted my ankle earlier, so I am resting with my foot elevated, my glass of white wine nearby. The injury occurred in the same way as most of my dozens of ankle injuries – while walking. I don’t even have a good story like that I was walking over treacherous terrain, jumping over rocks to get away from a bear. Oh no, I was walking very leisurely down a small flight of stairs that were perfectly even. Pathetic.

my view as I convalesce.

We are halfway through our first summer as cottage owners. We have dealt with bears (actually opened our car door in the middle of the night to get the last few sips from the Timmies cup), an ant infestation that stalled our bathroom floor installation (we had to barricade the room for a couple weeks while the poison took out the jerks), and we’ve had to learn to live with the occasional snake (most of them aren’t poisonous).

this guy was hanging out at the beach

Mostly, we’ve all fallen in love with Georgian Bay. We’ve been lucky that our family have also been able to spend time with us here…swimming, drinking, and making memories. Strangely, we are going through the days without many photos. In general, even though we have internet, we watch very little tv and our smart phones are rarely within arms reach. Both my little guys are becoming better swimmers and spending more time reading. And catching frogs. And building forts. Or just lounging in the sun.

the journey home

Right now, in this moment, life is good.