Week three and we’re still standing

Yuppers, that’s right folks, three weeks into this whole “stay at home mom” (or SAHM) stuff and all three of us are still standing (four if you count the husband).

I’m very proud to announce that I haven’t been dipping into the vino before supper time. Despite a few days when I felt like it would really help me. So Hooray for me! Pour me drink! (erm. maybe not).

We are starting to get over some adjustments of being used to different routines and schedules, and I think most of us are getting used to the new routine. It’s a wonderful thing. The best part being that I don’t have to deal with a minimum of 150 work-related emails in a day (I wish I were exaggerating). I LOVE not being tied to my computer, but instead being able to sit down and do a bit of work, and a bit of corn-holing whenever I have a free moment.

Like right now. The glorious time of the day known as Nap Time. Typically, Brendan doesn’t nap but he had an early morning play date at the park, so is pooped. He fell asleep while watching How to Train Your Dragon for the 10th time. He just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and is now hooked on dragons (and Spider-Man, and Iron Man, and Superman.)

I’m currently ignoring the big pile of laundry staring me in the face, and decided that I’d share a couple photos from the past week. Part of me is hoping that gnomes will come by and fold my clothes for me while I’m on the laptop. Weirder things have happened.

Speaking of weird things, if I give Nathan two mini sandwiches, he will eat a few bites from each, but never eat all of a sandwich. He loves carrots, though. I submit into evidence exhibit A:

Nate had the yellow plate; carrots gone, evidence of bites from two sandwiches. Brendan insisted that he wanted to eat a banana, but abandoned it after one bite. Also notice that he didn’t touch his carrots.

And, as promised, adorable photos of my children. Because I know that is the real reason why you are reading this. 

Yes, it’s blurry, but this is standard of half the photos I take of them. Because I’m too busy to go running to find my real camera everytime they are doing something cute. Yum, cake batter.
A sprinkler is the most amazing thing. Look Mommy, look. I’m getting wet.

2 thoughts on “Week three and we’re still standing

  1. It is glorious naptime at my house right now, too. Except I’m stuck grading student proposals for the online course I teach. I like reading your posts, Bev, it sounds like you’re really liking staying home. The kids are getting big fast!

    1. Thanks Amy! I am enjoying it, but it’s definitely exhausting, in a way that’s completely different from working at the office all day.

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