the secret to summertime bliss

We are only a week and a half into summer vacation, but the last day of school is already a distant memory. We have managed to pack in so much in so few days, which is how summer generally goes since the boys came onto the scene.

As a freelancer, my work schedule is fairly flexible – most days I do my work after the boys are in bed – which frees me up to spend the long, sunny days with the little men. So far that has meant staying an extra few days at the cottage after the husband returned to the city, spending an afternoon at the local pool, and (like today) chilling in the shade while the boys travel between the wading pool and the swings. Very similar to how our past two summers have gone (other than the cottage. That part is new!)

coming to shore after tubing!
So far the biggest difference has been the boys themselves – Nate is now big enough to fight back when Bren is irritating him, which has meant that I’ve been called in as a referree more times than I can count. Add to that the general surliness of one son (not naming names) and there are days that feel like weeks. And making me dread the teenage years, especially since they will both tower over me by then.

I am determined, however, to ensure a fun summer, for all of us. I deliberately did not sign them up for many camps, to give us the freedom to go back and forth to the cottage, and to leave the rest of our days open to random swinging on swings. I am trying to give my guys the laid back summer experience that I remember having. 

There are lists floating around describing how to give your kid a 1970s or 1980s summer, which is the approach I’ve aimed for the past few years, long before those lists became popular. Here are my five rules to make the most of the 2 months of summer:

1. Make plans with friends and family when you can.

2. Cheesies, popsicles and ice cream are crucial to a balanced summertime diet.

3. Spend as much time outside as possible. Also, getting soaked by the hose in the yard counts as a shower.

4. Bedtimes should be approached as a loose guideline.

5. Calm the f&ck down. 

oh, and also (for me) put the phone down and enjoy these days before they slip away into distant memory.

colourful tongues courtesy of Ring Pops

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