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As some readers of my blog may have noticed, I’m been a bit quiet on the writing front for many months, but I’ve recently started up again. One of my posts grabbed the attention of another WordPress blogger – – and something in what (or how) I write must have tickled this blogger, because I’ve now been awarded the Liebster Award. I’m honoured that someone other than my friends and family members have enjoyed my posts. Thank you very much!

Wildlifewatcher (as you may have guessed) writes about the wildlife he/she spies around his/her home, and also posts some lovely photos. If that sorta thing tickles your fancy, I recommend checking it out.

Now, the big question: What is the Liebster Award, and when will I be getting my gold statue in the mail?

The Answer: This is an award given blogger-to-blogger, for blogs with around 300 (or fewer) followers. I will NOT be receiving anything shiny in the mail as a result, but I DO have the satisfaction that someone, somewhere, thinks that what I have written is deserving of notice. I’m touched. (sniff).

As a recipient, here’s what I get to do next:

1. Find 10 blogs that are creative, beautiful, sensitive, well-written, sincere, fun, interesting. I’ll be posting my picks soonish (within the next couple of days), as well as telling them on their own pages.

2. I get to answer the questions that WildlifeWatcher asked of me. I also get to post questions to my nominees (which of course I’ll post when I post my nominees).

Step 1 is in the works, so for now I’m skipping over to step 2. Here are the questions I was provided, along with my answers.

1. What is your favorite meal of the day?

Right now, my favourite meal is breakfast. I don’t eat much in the morning – generally toast with Sunbutter, a coffee and a yogurt. It gets the top spot it’s the one meal of the day that I get to sit and enjoy some quiet time. It’s usually after my kids have eaten and they are off playing, so I am able to linger over my cup of coffee while I read a book, magazine, or play Plants vs Zombies on my iPhone.

2. Do you ever look at clouds and try to imagine images such as animals?  If so, which animal?

All the time. This was one of my favourite pass-times as a child, and this summer we spent lots of time finding shapes and animals in the clouds. There have been a lot of dragons in the sky recently.

3. What color do you wear the most?

black, blue and purple, so I look a bit like a bruise

4. What is your favorite animal?


5. What type of music do you prefer (classical, country-western, rock & roll, jazz, world)?

I’ve always been more into rock, but love top 40 when I need a pick me up.

6. What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

When I was a kid I played on a baseball team for one season (we won the championship), I’ve played on some volleyball teams which is a lot of fun, but my favourite sport to watch is basketball (although I’ve never played).

7. Have you ever gone camping?

Many times. Spent a summer travelling across Canada, mostly sleeping in tents. It can be the best experience, or the worst. The best: falling asleep listening to the waves of the Atlantic. The worst: not sleeping at night because it’s so cold that no amount of clothing and extra blankets could take away the chill.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

High school: English and Drama
University: Philosophy of Reasoning (or whatever it was called) and Media Studies

9. If you could go anywhere, where would you choose to go?
Hard to pick just one place. I want to go back Dublin (where I lived for a while about 13 years ago), I want to visit Italy, Fiji, Australia, Hawaii. I’d also like to turn back time and go back to my Mimi and Pipi’s house and strawberry farm, which always felt like an extension of my home (until it was sold after my Pipi’s death).

10. What is your favorite tree?

Willow. Love how their branches and leaves hang down the ground.

Thanks for reading!

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