Counting down the days till Spring

Please forgive me for the grumbles, but I’m bloody sick of winter. This year we’ve had much more snow than we’ve had in years, and it still hasn’t been that much. Generally speaking, I don’t mind snow.

The boys loved the snow, which is great…Even if it was cold, if there was snow to play in they loved being outside. We had so much fun building forts or even just shovelling.

What makes it less fun is  when the weather fluctuates so dramatically as it has this year: snow would fall, then it would get warmish, so the snow would start to melt, then the next day it would get freezing (-15C or more) so all that melted snow then freezes into ice. Hard, slippery ice. Everywhere.

But it’s March now, which means that Spring is coming..Yay!! We even change our clocks this weekend! Today is sunny and warmish. I know it’s just a tease, and that we’ll have many more miserable days before Spring is truly with us, but I’m getting hopeful. It’s extra helpful that Easter is early this year – March 31. Brendan has been getting excited about it for a couple of weeks, since he found some Easter-themed books on the bookshelf. We’ve been reading them daily. We also had some practice Easter-egg hunts with the plastic eggs from last year, an our Easter baskets.

Brendan and Nathan are extra excited because this is the first year that we can dye eggs. With Brendan’s egg allergy, it’s never been on our list of Easter traditions; we’ve decorated egg and bunny cut-outs, we’ve made baskets, and we’ve decorated plastic eggs with stickers, but no dyeing eggs. He’s still allergic to eggs, but I was lucky enough to find wooden eggs this year, thanks to a friend of mine. She told me about a Canadian company that sells all sorts of wood products, including eggs of different sizes. here it is 

The wooden eggs will take the dye in the same way as regular eggs.

The eggs came in the mail the other day, and I’m pretty excited to try it out with the boys…when I was a kid, dyeing eggs was one of my favourite Easter traditions. I’m pretty glad that I can finally let me guys experience it.

Here are the eggs, uncoloured. Stay tuned for the results! (Next week is March Break, so we’ll likely take a crack at it then…)

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