Reasons why my bed is taken over

This will be a quick one.
I am envious of parents whose children sleep in their own beds every.single.night., with no wake ups. Either they are blessed, or they are liars. Or a bit of both.
My older son started sleeping through the night long before his first birthday. I classify this as not waking up and needing me before 5am. After 5am, I am willing to concede.

As an arrogant and naive first time mother, I was certain Brendan’s stellar sleeping skills were a result of my impressive sleep training. It was gradual, and we never had to leave him to cry-it-out for more than a couple of minutes.

Baby number two proved that it was a fluke. We tried many techniques, and none of them have worked to get Nate to consistently sleep (in his bed) through the night. He teases us once in a while, lulling me into a false sense of security that I can reclaim my bed. For three days in a row he stayed in bed until 4:30 or later.

Then last night happened. So much crying, waking up every 20 minutes starting at 10:30. He didn’t calm down until (in a groggy barely-able-to-stand state) I brought him into my bed. Around midnight.
Here he is, sleeping in. Much cuter now than when he was kicking me in the face at 4am.


2 thoughts on “Reasons why my bed is taken over

  1. We decided early on that more sleep, more often was infinitely more valuable than everyone in their own beds. We just put a king bed in C’s room and sleep in there with him. 🙂

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