Reasons why snow balls are the greatest things ever…

…ok, maybe I personally don’t think that snow balls are the greatest thing ever. For example, I am currently addicted to this salad by Summer Fresh.  It’s the seven grain salad, and I get it in a pre-packaged bento box with hummus and pita. It even comes with almonds and dried fruit to add to the salad. THAT is the best thing ever.

To others, though, snow balls are where it’s at.

moments before a snow grenade

Yesterday afternoon everyone at my house was getting a little bit squirrelly, and by that I mean that I was in a bad mood, ready to snap at whomever looked at me cross-eyed, and the two little guys were acting as if all the words I spoke were in an ancient dialect of gibberish. The husband was taking a well-deserved (and brief) nap. Post-nap, someone had the brilliant idea that we all go outside. There was lots of snow, it wasn’t cold, and the hope was that getting out of our small house would improve everyone’s moods.

Like a magic spell, it worked. The boys were surprisingly cooperative in getting into their snow gear, and minutes after getting outside all the crankiness was gone.

I credit the change, in large part, to snow balls. The husband is an expert snow ball maker, partly because he grew up in Northern Ontario where the winters are longer and colder than they are in the South. Nate (yup…I’ve moved to their real names) loves nothing more than to walk around holding a snow ball, acting as if he’s going to throw it, but rarely ever following through.

Brendan is into throwing them up in the air and watching the snow ball crash and explode on the ground. Complete with sound effects. In case you are curious, the proper sound to make when a snow ball explodes on the ground is “Kabooom!!”

We were having so much fun, that we practically had to drag them back into the house. Oh, and I also had to go for a wagon ride.
[We never did get our sled out of storage. What can be seen here is the most snow we’ve had all year. And now it’s pretty much all gone.]

just pull the damn wagon, lady. enough with the pictures

2 thoughts on “Reasons why snow balls are the greatest things ever…

  1. You know what it is even better saving snowballs in the freezer and bringing them out in the summer. A great learning opportunities

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