Reasons why I end up cleaning my house when I take a vacation day

That’s right. Today I took a vacation day from work. The main reason was to sit at home and relax while waiting for a new bed for Joe to be delivered. Trevor decided to take the day off too, so it was going to be a lovely relaxing day doing absolutely nothing.

Then I woke up to the reality that my house is on the verge of chaos at all times. The monthly cleaning lady does miracles in 4.5 hours, but the rest of the month it’s up to us to keep it under control. So I have spent my morning cleaning floors, sorting through toys, doing laundry and ignoring the sink full of breakfast dishes.

Now that the bed is delivered, I will leave the house and continue to ignore the breakfast dishes.

Then Trevor and I have to put the bed together. Sadly, the nice people from Sears only deliver; they do not assemble. They did bring the box upstairs, though. Image

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