reasons why a camera should follow me around everyday

At work I get the variations on the same question asked by various people “How are the boys? Keeping you busy?” Usually I just smile and say something like “yeah. They’re a hoot. lots of energy, etc. etc. etc.” These kind people don’t really want to hear about what my days are really like with my two guys – especially those without kids. Anyone with kids knows that a day with a toddler and a preschooler is both wonderful and horrible at the same time.
Wonderful: listening to Joe enact a story with his action figures (he calls them “power guys”). The stories usually have some connection to a movie or book, but veer off into his fabulous imagination.
Horrible: Listening to Tom cry while I clean poop off his older brother in the downstairs bathroom. Tom had been awake for three minutes, and generally likes a good snuggle after a long nap.
Wonderful: Tom singing and doing motions to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” while I read his older brother a book.
Horrible: spending 1.5 hours doing “bedtime” because my husband is away over night and the boys go to sleep at different times.
Wonderful: snuggling with Joe, telling him a story. He falls asleep halfway through with his finger in his mouth (a recent habit, most likely a throwback to his soother days).
Wonderful: cracking open a bottle of white wine at 8:15 to begin a relaxing evening.
Wonderful: this picture. they spent 10 minutes hanging out in the fridge, for reasons that still aren’t quite clear.hanging out in the fridge

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